Bankruptcy Remote Entities

SMC provides professionals available to serve as Independent Directors/Managers/Members for bankruptcy remote SPEs. Our cost conscious fees are determined by the specific duties of the individual(s), the number of SPEs, and appropriate indemnification for the individual(s) appointed. Our professional experience allows us to analyze the risk involved and price accordingly…

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Commercial Domicile

SMC offers a full service domicile management package including office space, employees, officers and directors, accounting services, and coordinates services with recommended local legal and banking providers.

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Corporate Services

For various business reasons, companies determine that they need a subsidiary company dedicated to addressing a specific need, special purpose entities (“SPEs”). To ensure that the focus of the SPE remains on its dedicated task or to meet certain regulatory and statutory requirements, we offer attorneys and accountants to serve in compliance with KYC rules…

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At SMC, we pride ourselves in having a team of top notch professionals available to complement your business needs. Allow us to introduce you to Our Team!


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