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Independent Directors – Public Companies

The independence of directors has become an essential component of a healthy corporate board.

Traditional ways of locating directors to serve on companies’ boards are no longer effective because the search has to expand beyond current directors’ sphere of influence. Additionally, the vetting process requires a thorough review of any new director to ascertain the director’s prior affiliation and whether certain requirements are met.

Stewart Management Company has significant exposure to Delaware operations of many Fortune 500 companies and well as smaller national and international firms through the provision of corporate secretarial and other related services. This exposure has enabled SMC to identify top quality individuals for service as Independent Directors. We categorized these qualified persons based both on their primary industry, as well as their specified fields of expertise. The availability of our selection of qualified Directors is continually updated.

We provide the prospective director’s comprehensive work history so that the Standards Committee can confirm the director’s independence more easily. The service we provide is invaluable to the Boards. SMC also maintains an ongoing relationship with the directors to assist them with their schedules and provide an office environment facilitating the timely processing of all required director duties.

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